Ariana Le Fay


Tommy Wozniak


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Soundcloud    Facebook    Instagram    Youtube


Sony Music Entertainment

Vocals, harp, piano, composing


Lead and rhythm guitar, composing

Music at Cologne University of Music, Philosophy at University of Bonn


Music at State University of Music New York, Musicology (Medieval Music) at University of Zurich



Collaboration with other Musicians


For life-perfomances Dragontor collaborates with many professional musicians from all over the world. If you are interessted to join the Dragontor musician-team we would love to hear from you.






Ariana Le Fay and Tommy Wozniak met each other on the 18.8.2016 in Cologne Germany and startet a symphonic metal music project. Because of their common passion for history, fairytales and wild nature they started conceiving the music and philosophy of the band by visiting old castles, ruins and natural monuments.


Their love for nature, mountains and fairies inspired them to name their music project 'Seven Hills', like the place Ariana lives. Soon other artists joined the team and the Seven Hills project grew to a music, literatur and art project. The metalband got the name 'Dragontor' like the 'Dragon's Rock' of the Seven Hills.


More than two years were necessary to develop the Dragontor sound. Ariana Le Fay and Tommy Wozniak spent hundreds of hours testing and choosing the instruments for the band, composing and arranging the songs and finally recording, orchestrating and producing the first album in the studio.


The new metal style of Dragontor got the name 'Movie Metal' because it is a combination of filmmusic and metal. The rich orchestral and choral instrumentations together with a full metal bandsound needed more than six months of mixing and mastering until the first album called 'Seven Hills' got finished. It will be released song by song on bandcamp and other social media platforms.